The Fremont Street Experience: What’s The Big Deal?


Whether it’s your first visit to Sin City or even very first time venturing off the famous Las Vegas strip – then boy, are you in for a real treat with the Fremont Street Experience!

But what exactly makes the street and its experience so special, huh?

I’m glad you asked, buddy!


First, Let’s go Back in Time…

Fremont Street (FS) – located in Downtown LV and also nicknamed “Glitter Gulch” – was basically the birth of Sin City.

In 1906, the first hotel was built on ‘FS’ – the Hotel Nevada – which is now the Golden Gate.

In 1925, ‘FS’ was the first street in Las Vegas to be paved.

And in 1931, the Northern Club was one of the very first gambling dens on the street that received the green light for “legalized” gambling – which obviously set the ball rolling for the expansion of Vegas.

So with the street being the oldest part of Vegas, and especially where gambling began – you could say it’s kinda a VERY BIG deal!


The “FS Experience”, Why It’s a Big Hit With Folks

Put simply, The “Fremont Street Experience” (FSE) is a pedestrianized mall full to the brim of entertainment, occupying the westernmost 5 blocks of ‘FS’ – including the Glitter Gulch area.

Call it a mini version of the LV strip, if you will lol.

Also, Boasting a MASSIVE 90ft high and 1,500ft long barrel vault canopy (Viva Vision) video screen featuring over 12 million LED lights and 550,000-watt high-quality sound – is one of the main reasons why visitors flock to the experience.

In fact, Viva Vision is “the” largest video screen on the planet! So no wonder it’s the start attraction on ‘FS’!

The other AWESOME thing about the spectacular light shows is that you can expect to be dazzled without paying a single penny. YUP, they’re 100% FREE!

As for the time schedule, you’re able to catch a 6-minute light show every hour on the dot from 6 pm until 1 am each day. The times also depend on the season you visit.


Extra Super Fun Surprises You’ll Discover…

In addition to the dazzling Viva Vision displays, there’s a bunch of exciting stuff to keep you more than occupied for hours on end – both inside the Experience and on the street.

Firstly, as you enter the ‘FSE’, you can’t help but notice the entertainers…

Saucy chicks in skimpy cosplay, topless cowboys, folks in other weird and wonderful costumes, plastic jug and bucket drum performers, and artists putting their spray painting skills to the test.

You name it, you’ll probably see it. Well, they do say anything goes in LV, right? 😉

Next up, if you’re feeling lucky – there are numerous casinos like Four Queens, Golden Nugget, and Binion’s Gamblin’ Hall, to name a few.

If you fancy a little chill out time to soak up the atmosphere and also a tipple (or several), there are numerous bars to pick from.

You’ve got the Troy Liquor Bar, The Griffin, The Filament Bar, D Bar, and Long Bar, to name a handful.

Cheers, bottoms up and down the hatch!

We all like a good boogie and to show off our moves from time-to-time, right?

So thanks to the casinos on ‘FS’ – there are free (YES, $0) concerts across 3 different stages playing live music from both local and international artists/bands to suit nearly everyone’s taste.

And when there’s no live music, you can enjoy the delights of dancing DJs and other cool entertainment shows on stage.

When you’re feeling a little peckish after all the fun and excitement (or even before) – there’s a stack of places to eat serving scrumptious food.

There’s Therapy, Park On Fremont, Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse, Hugo’s Cellar, and Grotto, to name some restaurants.

But if you’re feeling extremely courageous and have a stomach that’s bigger than your eyes (lol), then the “Heart Attack Grill” is a must-place to grab a bite to eat… A VERY BIG bite!

The Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant that serves high fatty, sugar, and cholesterol food like the Bypass Burger, Flatliner Fries fried in lard, and Butterfat Milkshakes – stuff that’s basically bad for the body.

But what’s super cool about the restaurant is that the waitresses are dressed as nurses who make you wear a wristband and hospital gown before ordering your unhealthy meal.

Additionally, if you weigh over 350 lb and weigh yourself with a nurse to prove it before ordering, you get to eat for free!

However, if you don’t finish your mega unhealthy meal, you get a good paddle spanking from one of the nurses. 😉

How cool, right?

My advice: If you’re gonna choose the heart attack food challenge option, I would seriously recommend hitting a gym the day after the grub or just do a GAZILLION lengths in the hotel pool to burn off the calories and get the blood flowing.

Last by not least, in my opinion, the absolute best thing to do at the ‘FSE’ is the SlotZilla Zip Line if you’re a thrill-seeker not afraid of heights.

Not only will you get a huge buzz from the world’s ultimate zip line, but you’ll get to see the Viva Vision screen close up and an awesome birds-eye view of the whole ‘FSE’.

The cost to ride the zip wire various from $25$49 – depending on how you wanna ride it, how far you wanna travel along it, and whether you fly before or after 6 pm.

But whatever the cost, it’s totally worth it, in my book!

Why be a high-roller when you can become a “high-flier”, huh?


Where The Heck is Fremont Street?

With ‘FM’ being at the heart of Sin City, many folks assume that the street is situated on the world-famous strip which spans over 4 miles.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth because ‘FS’ is a good 35-miles from the strip (depending on where you are).

(Click on the map for detailed directions to ‘FS’).

The best cost-effective way to travel to and from Downtown LV is via the Deuce city bus which actually picks you up on the strip (unlike taxis).

Don’t get me wrong, taxis are a great and fast way to travel around LV but they can work out a little pricey – especially if you’re on a budget.


Wrapping it up…

Whether you’re a bit of a history buff or you just wanna venture off the main strip for a while – then the Fremont Street Experience Downtown is definitely a great escape.

With the world’s biggest TV screen, an awesome zip wire ride, heaps of music and entertainment, numerous bars and places to grab a bite-to-eat – why wouldn’t you wanna travel a few a miles down the road from the strip?

So whether it’s your very first time in Sin City or your umpteenth time – a trip to the ‘FSE’ should be on the cards at least once.

And remember: “What Happens in Vegas…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts, tips or cool experiences of your own to share on ‘FS’ and its Experience – We’d LOVE to hear from you below…

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