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Hello, and I’m glad you made it!

I’m Neil, a 37-year young Internet Marketer from the UK (England to be more precise), and I welcome you to my blog!

Me, in front of the Bellagio (and Caesars Palace to the right) in March 2015.

Whether you’re heading out to Las Vegas or currently there and want some much-needed guidance on every aspect of “Sin City” – you’re in the right place, my globe-trotting buddy!


To Me, Las Vegas Feels Like Home

During a 2-week Route 66 holiday (“vacation” to you Americans) in 2015 with a couple of friends, I developed a real taste for the US of A – Vegas in particular.

Although we only stayed in Vegas for 2 nights (at the Tropicana) due to a tight driving schedule *SOB* – it felt like I had a real connection with the city of dazzling lights.

I really didn’t wanna leave for California (our next and final port of call). I almost tied myself to the hotel room furniture in protest LOL.

YUP, Vegas well and truly bowled me over within just 48 hours!!

But then again, we are talking about one of “the” most amazing surreal party cities in the world. Period.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Have no fear, I will be gracing the city of sin with my wonderful presence again very soon, I assure you that. Might even hire a Lambo and cruise the strip next time! 😉


Not Everything Can be Crammed in at Once…

The thing about Sin City is that it’s MONSTEROUS, which means there just isn’t enough time to squeeze everything in, whether you’re visiting for 2 days or 2 weeks!

I guess it also depends on whether you’re a good planner or not.

In the 2 short days we stayed in Vegas, it was incredibly overwhelming and we felt like lost puppies – being pulled in all directions.

So, with this blog, I really wanna help prevent you from getting overwhelmed – enabling you and your family/friends to have a thoroughly enjoyable time.


What Can You Expect From My Site?

In a nutshell, I’m gonna be sharing the very best of Vegas with you through hints n’ tips as well as reviews.

The aim of my site is to help you choose the best hotel(s), places to grab a bite to eat, shows, trips, ways to get out and about, deals, bars, nightclubs – the whole shebang.

You name it and I’ll cover it.

But just in case I do kinda forget to cover a specific topic, just drop a comment anywhere on my site or shoot an email to neil@vegastimebaby.com and I’ll write an article just for you.

I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

And remember: “Whatever Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas“. 😉


If you ever need an extra helping hand with anything on my site, please do feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll be more than happy to provide my assistance.

Your Friend, Neil!

Owner of VegasTimeBaby.com

Me, at Canyon De Chelly (Arizona) on our “Route 66” trip in March 2015.

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