7 Super Cool Things to Do on Fremont Street (Las Vegas).

While the strip may be the “go-to” place in the heart of Las Vegas – Fremont Street (Downtown) creates an equally amazing experience, if not better.

So put the world-famous strip to one side for a moment because this article focuses on some pretty awesome things to do on Fremont Street and also close by – both free and paid.
Super Cool Things to Do on Fremont Street
Whatever your budget, there’s gonna heaps of FUN heading your direction!

First of all, let’s discover some cool “free” stuff to do…


#1: Viva Vision – Could a TV Get Any Bigger?!

With a height of 90 feet, a length of 1,500 feet, featuring 12 million LEDs and 550,000-watt high-quality sound, and kinda shaped like a barrel – Viva Vision is “the” BIGGEST video screen on planet Earth!

You can enjoy numerous dazzling light displays featuring awesome tunes from the likes of The Killers, The Who, Heart, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Green Day, and Tiesto.

If you wanna catch a free 6-minute light show or two, they run every hour from 6 pm until 1 am every day (depending on the time of year).


#2: Music Concerts – Get Your Groove on!

Whether you fancy a good old sing-song or you wanna bust some moves – there are dozens of freebie concerts across various stages throughout the year to rock out to.

With the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, The Cult, Eddie Money and Jefferson Starship, Dokken, Molly Hatchet, and Melissa Etheridge, to name a handful of artists/bands – there’s plenty of music to suit everyone’s taste.

Rock On!


#3: Entertainment GALORE – The Show Must go on!

Without entertainment during the day and night, Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas, right?

So from around 12 pm or 2 pm until 1 am daily (depending on the day) – there are loads of live entertainment shows on a few stages to keep you occupied – from dancing DJs to Line Dancing to tribute bands.

It’s Showtime!

Check out the Vegas Experience website for a FULL calendar list of upcoming concerts and live entertainment shows, etc.

In addition to the shows, you’re gonna cross paths with plenty of street performers – chicks in kinky outfits, topless cowboys, other peeps in cool cosplay, magicians, dancers, musicians, and spray paint artists, etc.

There’s all sorts of fun and crazy stuff happening!

These guys n’ gals are more than happy to show off their talents. But if you bung a few dollars their way, most performers will certainly make it worth your while – especially the topless dudes and saucy chicks. 😉

Now, when it comes to the stuff that costs money, you’re in for an even bigger treat!…


#4: SlotZilla Zipline – Take to The Skies!

What better way to enjoy the Fremont Street Experience than to drop in for a flying visit… literally!

Besides Viva Vision, the SlotZilla Zipline really is one of the best attractions on the street because, for starters, you get up close and personal with the video screen.

And secondly, you get an amazing view of the whole Experience from way up high – something that most folks on the ground won’t experience.

For a cost of $25$49 (depending on how you choose to ride the zip wire, how far you wanna travel along it, and also the time of day) – you really can be a “high-flier”, even if it’s only for a few minutes lol.


#5: Container Park – “Contain” Your Excitement!

Probably considered as one of the “hidden gems” of Vegas *SHH* 😉 – Container Park (only a block away from Fremont Street) delivers a unique experience like no other park.

Inside the park, not only will you discover a playground area, some light family entertainment, and generally a great place for escaping the hustle and bustle of the strip and the street…

But as the name “container” suggests – it’s a marketplace full of shops and food outlets crammed into numerous shipping containers.

The best thing about the marketplace is that you won’t find any big brand shops – meaning you get to sample goods, services, and scrumptious food and drink from local and unique businesses.

But be warned – upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a 40-foot tall fire-breathing Praying Mantis.



#6: Neon Museum – Looking For a Sign? This is it!

If you’re after an escape from the crowds, then the Neon Museum (half a mile from Fremont Street) is an awesome place to discover some history of Sin City.

Also known as the “boneyard” – the Neon Museum features many vintage signs from both old and present-day casinos and hotels, and other businesses.
Neon Museum on Fremont Street Las Vegas
So if you fancy a trip back in time to see signs that once lit up the heart of Vegas and belonged to the Sahara, Ugly Duckling car sales, Silver Slipper, and Stardust, to name a few – then get your ass to the museum!

The ticket prices vary from $19 to $42 and the opening times are from 9 am until 4 pm on most days.


#7: Fear The Walking Dead – Zombie Alert!

“Fear The Walking Dead” is one of the newest attractions to hit Fremont Street.

Based on the TV series and part thrill-ride, escape room, maze, and interactive video game – you’ll be running for your life in order to escape brain-eating zombies on a military medical facility.

For adults, tickets cost $24 + $3 processing fee. Opening times are from 1 pm until 12 am (Sunday – Thursday) and 1 pm until 1 am (Friday and Saturday).

Not a bad price to sh*t your pants, hey?


Final Thoughts on Stuff to do on Fremont Street…

Fremont Street in itself is kinda like a big “hidden gem” of Vegas because A LOT of folks stick to the strip without giving Downtown a single thought.

But that’s one heck of an EPIC fail in my book because there are literally TONS of amazing things to do both on the street and close by.

However, that’s not to say the street is as dead as a dodo. It’s actually far from it lol.

In my opinion, Fremont Street has a lot more going for it than the strip.

After all, it is where Sin City started, right?

I’ve only just scratched the surface of the iconic street within this article, so the rest of the exploring is now down to you when it comes to entertainment, bars, and places to grab a bite-to-eat, etc.

But when you do happen to discover more awesome stuff (not mentioned above) – We’d LOVE to hear your findings and thoughts in the comments below…

Your buddy, Neil 😀

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