7 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas: The Cat’s Out of The Box!

I guess these 7 hidden gems of Las Vegas I’m about to expose wouldn’t be so secretive if every man and his dog knew about them, huh? 😛

But what the heck, I’m gonna let the cat out of the box by revealing the coolest hand-picked hidden places on and off the strip, whether you’re after mouth-watering dishes that tickle your taste buds or fun attractions that create the “WOW” factor.
Discover The Hidden Gems of Las Vegas
Or maybe you just fancy a tipple at a bar away from the crowds. We’ll cover that too.

So without further ado, let’s see the AWESOMENESS that Sin City has to hide…


#1: Cosmopolitan’s Top Secret Pizza (SHH!)

Why not grab yourself a slice of the action (or should I say pizza) at the “Secret Pizza” parlor inside the Cosmopolitan hotel…

IF you can find it!

Unfortunately, there are no signs pointing in the direction of the Secret Pizza place inside the Cosmo. But that’s all part of the fun, right?

So I guess it’s gonna be a case of following your nose.

But once you find it, the authentic New York style pizza slices taste AMAZING!

OK, maybe it’s now one of the WORST kept secrets (lol), but probably one of the best places in LV for pizza-lovers.


#2: Peppermill Lounge – Robert De Niro’s Waiting…

Well, not literally. And I’m not referring to Bananarama’s 1980s hit song either. 😛

Remember the movie “Casino” which featured good old Robert De Niro who played the role of a mobster heading a Casino called Tangiers?

Well, a small part of that movie was actually filmed inside the Peppermill Fireside Lounge.

The neon-lit lounge is definitely a must-visit restaurant and bar that will take you back in time to the 1960s/70s with its romantic booths, super-comfy couches, fake plastic plants, and water that’s on fire.


#3: Container Park – Contains Heaps of FUN!

Only a stone’s throw away from the popular Fremont Street Experience – the unique Downtown Container Park is built up of a bunch of shipping containers that are home to local shops, services, and dining places.

And if you are looking to grab a bite-to-eat, I highly suggest the ‘Cheffini’s Hot Dog‘ container that serves dogs with the most amazingly delicious toppings, ever!

Most probably, “the” best place for hot dogs in Vegas too.

In addition to the shops, there’s “The Dome” providing 4K- visual entertainment, a play park for both kids and adults’ to let off a little steam, and live entertainment as well as other special events.

But be warned, don’t be caught off-guard by the *GASP* giant fire-breathing Praying Mantis upon arrival!


#4: Antique Horse Racing – And They’re Off…

If you’re tired of throwing money at the modern slots, then gallop over to The D hotel and Casino on Fremont Street  – where you’ll discover a cheap 100-year old horse racing game called “Sigma Derby”!

Even if you’re not a gambler or horse racing addict, you’ll thoroughly enjoy watching horses battle it out on the track and hopefully winning you a bunch of dollars.

But be super-quick at choosing your horse(s) because you have around 30 seconds before they’re off!

There was another antique horse racing game at the MGM Grand Casino on the strip but apparently, it got *SOB* dismantled. So I’ve heard on the grapevine.

Place Your Bets Now!


#5: Pinball Hall of Fame – Flipping Crazy!

Located off the strip on E Tropicana Avenue, the Pinball Hall of Fame will pretty much keep you entertained all day long.

With over 200 classic pinball machines, video arcade, and other novelty games from both years ago and present-day – this place really is a gamer’s paradise!

Games cost from 25 to 75 cents (still maintaining those old-school prices). But if you’re a gaming fanatic, I’m sure you’ll easily find a way to splash the cash.

You’ll certainly be bouncing around the room and flipping out!


#6: Atomic Liquors – A Real Taste of Sin City!

As what’s probably considered as the seedy part of LV to some – on Fremont street, you’ll discover a REAL bar called “Atomic Liquors” which is the oldest freestanding bar in Vegas.

In fact, it’s the oldest bar that’s still in existence in Sin City, since most bars have been revamped and are inside Casinos.

Filled with plenty of history and character, providing reasonably priced craft beers, spirits and cocktails, and with a friendly atmosphere – Atomic Liquors should definitely be on your Bucket List of bars.

Cheers, Bottoms up!


#7: Donut Bar – Mmm… Donuts!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then the Donut Bar (Downtown LV) will give you the sugar fix you need.

And probably one of “the” best places in the world to grab mouth-watering donuts too.

With 30 different crazy creations of BIG donuts each day – from Snickers to the Strawberry Split to Nutella to Red Velvet to Birthday Cake, to name a handful of delicious flavors – you really are spoilt for choice.

There’s even a Homer Simpson donut. But shh, don’t tell Homer, whatever you do! 😉

It’s Donut O’Clock Time Anytime!


Final Thoughts on The Hidden Gems of Vegas…

OK, so whether you’re into scoffing your face with scrumptious food, pouring several beers/cocktails down the hatch or looking for some attractions and action – Las Vegas is definitely “the” place to get what you’re looking for.

But in my opinion, if you really want the “crème de la crème” of what Sin City has to offer, then I recommend getting started with the hidden gems – the places that many folks either kinda forget or don’t even know exist.

Yes, I may have missed out many other hidden gems, but everyone’s definition of a “hidden gem” is different.

I can’t list them all because where’s the fun in that, huh?

I’ve highlighted what I think are the best hidden places to visit in LV, but now it’s down to you to seek out the rest!

And remember: “what happens in Vegas…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions, thoughts or even know of other hidden gems in LV that you’d like to share? We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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