5 of THE Best “Free” Attractions in Vegas, Nevada. [YUP, $0!]

Who doesn’t love a freebie – especially when it comes to Sin City, baby?!

So, if you’re looking to save a buck or two – I’m gonna share 5 of the best free attractions in Vegas, that are gonna blow your mind!
Best Free Attractions in Las Vegas
In fact, they’re not just any old attractions – but more like the “hidden gems” ofย  Vegas, that are IN ADDITION to the 5 best free LV shows here.

Ready to have your socks knocked off?…


Bellagio Secret Botanical Gardens (SHH!)…

For the Horticulturalist in you, why not take a walk down the Bellagio hotel’s indoor garden path to enjoy its own tranquil, yet, breathtaking Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Open 24/7, the garden experience boasts a stunning full-blown floral display that will literally make your jaw drop to the ground.

And that’s no exaggeration. OK, maybe a little lol.

During every Chinese New Year, Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), and Winter – you’ll enjoy all sorts of beautiful creations made from real flowers, plants, and trees.

With Italian, Chinese animal, Japanese, under the sea, pumpkin, and butterfly themed gardens, to name a few – who knows what beautiful oasis you’re gonna discover.


Silverton Aquarium – Seems a Little Fishy!

Tropical fish and mermaids in Vegas?!…

In the hot dry desert?!…

Who’d have thought it, hey?

Surely it must be a mirage?…

Well, they do say anything goes in Las Vegas, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the Mermaid Lounge at the Silverton hotel Aquarium which holds over 117,000 gallons of water – you’ll get to see friendly mermaids swimming among thousands of tropical fish.

Who needs Disney’s “Little Mermaid” when you can see the real thing, huh? Well, kinda.

If you’d like to catch the Silverton mermaids in action and take a few selfies, the show times are as follows:

Thursday: 12:00 โ€“ 1:15pm 2:00pm โ€“ 3:15pm 5:00pm โ€“ 8:15pm
Friday: 12:00 โ€“ 1:15pm 2:00pm โ€“ 3:15pm 5:00pm โ€“ 8:15pm
Saturday: 12:00 โ€“ 1:15pm 2:00pm โ€“ 3:15pm 5:00pm โ€“ 8:15pm
Sunday: 10:30am โ€“ 1:10pm 2:00pm โ€“ 3:15 p.m. 5:00 p.m. โ€“ 6:45pm

You can also expect to see stingrays and sharks. YIKES!

But don’t worry, they won’t sting or bite you behind glass.

In addition, there are two 500-gallon aquariums if you fancy being mesmerized by glowing floating jellyfish.


Flamingo Wildlife Habitat – Walk on The Wild Side!

OK, so it might not be an African Safari trip or even New York’s Bronx Zoo – but the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo hotel is home to some amazingly beautiful creatures.

Nestled on the 15-acre grounds of the Flamingo (one of the few old-timers still remaining in Sin City) – you’re gonna see some of the world’s most amazing exotic wildlife up close.

Not only will you be mesmerized by Chilean flamingos, pelicans, turtles, and Ring Tealed ducks – but you’ll also see swans and koi fish taking a casual swim.

The habitat is open daily from dawn until dusk and you can also experience pelican feedings from 8.30 am until 2 pm on a daily basis…

Well, that’s if you can drag your ass out of bed after a heavy night on the town. I guess we’ve all been there, hey?


Shelby Museum – Unleash The Speed Demon!

Whether you’re a petrol head who’s into his or her classic American muscle cars or you have a real need for speed and love living life in the fast lane – the Carroll Shelby Museum (Heritage Center) is your dream come true!

Located on Ensworth Street (running parallel to the iconic strip) – the collection of AMAZING classic to modern automobiles is an absolute must-see for all car lovers and fanatics.

Inside the factory and museum, not only will you discover Ford Mustangs from various eras on display but you’ll learn about the history behind the beasts.

What’s even more awesome about the place is that there are actually “free” guided tours from 10.30 am – 1.30 pm (Mon-Fri) and Saturdays at 10.30 am.

The Heritage Center itself is open from 9.30 am – 6 pm (Mon-Sat) and from 10 am – 4 pm (Sun).


Red Rock Canyon – Take The High Ground!

Only a stone’s throw away from the heart of Vegas – the Red Rock Canyon is the next best thing to the Grand Canyon.

If you want a bit of escapism from the hustle and bustle of both the strip and the Fremont Street Experience, and you’d love to stretch your legs whilst taking in some natural surroundings, then the Canyon is your breath of fresh air.

Admission won’t be free though. UGH!

But before throwing your toys out of the pram (lol)…

Red Rock does wave entrance fees during special annual celebrations, like National Get Out Doors Day, Martin Luthar King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, National Public Lands Day, and Veterans Day.

So if your visit to Vegas happens to fall on any of those days, you can get into the Red Rock National Conservation area for $0 IF you don’t intend to camp alone or in a group.

The scenic loop/park is open daily from 6 am – 8 pm (depending on the season) and the visitor center operates from 8 am – 4.30 pm daily.

But just watch out for UFOs and bright lights if you’re in the area at nightfall.

And NO, I’m not talking about the dazzling lights of Sin City from a distance. ๐Ÿ˜›


Final Thoughts on The Best Free Vegas Attractions…

Whether you’re looking for free stuff to on the strip, off the strip on Fremont Street OR even away from the glitz and the glamour of Sin City for a little breathing space – there’s a heap of cool stuff to do.

Yeah sure, walking the strip is free and even posing next the fabulous Las Vegas sign for a pic is also free, but doesn’t everyone and their Grandmother do those things? LOL.

In my opinion, some of the absolute best zero-cost things to do in LV are kinda hidden away from public view – from the Bellagio gardens to the Shelby museum.

So whatever you choose to do, Have FUN!!

And remember: “what happens in Vegas…

Your Friend, Neil ๐Ÿ˜€

I hope I’ve given you a TON of inspiration within this article, and if you’d like to share your thoughts or have any questions on free stuff to do in LV – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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