5 Free Shows in Vegas – It’s Showtime, Baby!

Hey, who said you need a wad of cash to have a whale of a time in Vegas, huh?

After all, they do say the best things in life are “free”, right? 😉

So if you’re strapped for cash or just wanna enjoy the delights of Sin City without having to pull out the purse or billfold every 5 minutes – then this article is for YOU!

Below, I’m gonna reveal 5 free shows in Vegas – on the strip and Fremont Street (actually, 5 of the best) that are gonna give you HOURS of entertainment.

Free Shows in Las Vegas
Sound AMAZEBALLS to you?

Great, let’s get this show on the road!…


#1: Bellagio Water Fountains – Have a Blast!

OK, you kinda knew the Bellagio water fountain display was gonna be at the top of the list because it’s definitely the star attraction on the world-famous strip.

Well, it is, in my book.

Boasting one of the largest and most inspiring fountain displays on the planet – the water fountains in front of the Bellagio hotel dance away to at least 34 songs from various artists (day and night).
The Breathtaking Bellagio Fountains
With a show every 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the time of day) – there are certainly plenty of magical and mesmerizing displays to quench your thirst.


#2: Mirage Volcano – Let The Fun Erupt!

If you’re looking for some explosive action, then the Volcano in the front yard of the Mirage hotel (also situated on the 4-mile strip) will sure provide heaps of heated entertainment.

With a molten rock eruption, lava running into the water, flames shooting 100 feet into the air, and all to the sound of intense Jungle music – this is one BOOMTASTIC volcano you’ll not wanna miss!

Unfortunately, the shows have been cut back to just 2 per night (3 on a weekend).

So if you wanna catch a show, they erupt at 8 pm and 9 pm (Sunday – Thursday) and with an extra eruption thrown in at 10 pm (Friday – Saturday).

Also, it’s a good idea to get there probably 20 to 30 minutes before the show starts so you can secure a front row spot for the best experience.


#3: Circus Circus – Plenty of Clowning Around!

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the greatest show on Earth…”

Inside the Circus Circus hotel (again, on the strip) – you’re gonna discover lots of acrobatics performing all kinds of neat tricks.
Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas
With numerous circus acts all throughout the day – from high-flying Trapeze tricks to strength and balance acts to jugglers to crazy clowns – be prepared to be gobsmacked by the world’s biggest circus.

The FUN begins at 11.30 am daily – so let the big kid in you come out to play!


#4: Viva Vision – New Definition of Tunnel Vision!

If you’re a TV addict, then you’ll LOVE the TV screen at the Fremont Street Experience! Well, right above it, to be more specific.

Boasting “the” world’s longest arch-shaped video screen – be prepared to be dazzled and blown away by different shows accompanied by awesome tunes from a selection of artists and bands.

You can catch an incredible 6-minute light and sound show every hour from 6 pm to 1 am daily (depending on the season).

And before the show begins, why not grab a nice cold beer or two while you’re on Fremont Street, huh? 😉

Located only a few miles and a short taxi or bus ride from the main strip -the Viva Vision video screen and the Fremont Stree Experience in itself are nothing short of AMAZING – which brings me to the 5th and final free show…


#5: Music Stages – Entertainment Galore!

Again, at the Fremont Street Experience, there are a few stages providing stacks of entertainment – from well-known and local bands playing gigs to dancing DJs to all sorts of shows with cool acts.

So whether you wanna get your freak on to DJ sets and rock out to live music or simply chillax – there are all sorts of stuff going down at Fremont Street.

If you wanna catch some live entertainment shows, they begin at 2 pm or 4 pm and finish at 1 am or 2 am daily (depending on the days).

As for the big concerts, they happen on certain days of the month.

Check out the events calendar here for more info on live music and entertainment dates and times.

In addition, if you wanna see some mini-shows on Fremont Street, there are loads of street performers carrying out all sorts of activities – from folks in cosplay up to naughty shenanigans to dancers to musicians to talented artists, etc.


My Final Thoughts on Free Vegas Shows…

There would have been a 6th awesome one called Siren’s Pirate show in front of the Treasure Island hotel. But unfortunately, it came to an end. *SOB* 🙁

I dunno, maybe the pirates were just too drunk on rum to fight one another in the end, who knows.

OK, so whether you’re into water displays, fake volcanic eruptions, clowns and acrobats, gigantic TV shows or live music and street entertainers – there’s a heap of cool free stuff to see on both the iconic strip and Downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street).

If I was in your shoes – wanting to get the most out of my Vegas trip on a budget, I’d spend the most part of the day enjoying what the strip has to offer for free and then finishing off the evening with a trip down to Fremont Street.

Yes, Sin City can turn out to be a costly experience – especially when there’s so much temptation when it comes to dining out, alcoholic refreshments, gambling, shopping, attractions, and catching taxis when the feet are tired and sore lol…

But at least when you’re doing stuff that doesn’t cost you a single cent, it kinda takes the pressure off your spending budget a little.

With Vegas constantly evolving with new attractions and stuff to do each year, I’m sure there will be other freebie shows on the horizon at some point in the future.

So watch this space…

Your buddy, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or free show experiences of your own that you’d like to share with us – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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