10 Dos and Don’ts in Las Vegas – “Almost” Anything Goes.


You may have heard it a Gazillion times: “Anything Goes in Vegas, Baby!”

As much as we all want Sin City to be a 24/7 “free-for-all” party playground as well as the World’s safest entertainment paradise, sadly it’s not the case.


Just like any global holiday destination, you must abide by the city’s code of conduct, act within the boundaries of the law, and try your best to avoid nasty surprises, etc.

But who said it should stop you letting your hair down and having FUN with the boys, girlies or family on or off the 4-mile strip, whatever time of day, huh?

So to ensure you have a jolly good time without getting cheated out of cash and also landing in hot water with the Cops, check out my hand-picked list of 10 Dos and Dont’s (that also include a few hints n’ tips)…


5 Things You “Should” Do!

Firstly, to “Power Up” your Sin City enjoyment-level – DO these 5 things…


#1: Make a Plan For Every 24 Hours

When it’s your first time visiting LV, you’ll feel super excited like in a kid a toy shop and wanna try out everything at once.

But when you’re overwhelmed, your brain goes into meltdown and you end up doing nothing pretty much all day, which is a big time-waster, in my book.

So before jumping on that flight, thoroughly research Vegas because there’s SO much fun stuff to see and do, it’s unreal!

In fact, make a list of your “top 10 must-do” things and also grab a map to pinpoint the exact attraction locations if needs be.

Once your plan is in place, break it down into bite-sized chunks by figuring out what you wanna do on certain days. It definitely helps.

Like 100% of tourists, you’re also gonna fall for numerous distractions, so make extra time for those too.

And if you’re still at a loose end once you’ve done the stuff on your list, then add a few more things or simply take some well-deserved chill out time around the pool with a cocktail in-hand.

Trust me, when you’re “Dan the man with a plan” (or the female equivalent), you’ll feel like you’ve had a real blast instead of floating around lost like a paper bag.


#2: Give The Hotel Receptionist a Sandwich

Now, before your imagination runs wild – no, you’ll not be handing a Subway over to the hotel receptionist or even propositioning him or her lol.
Known as “the sandwich trick” –  you sneak a crisp $20 bill (as a tip) in between the pages of your passport when checking in, and the receptionist should give you a free hotel room upgrade *fingers crossed*.

How super cool, right?

Check out Kenji Yagi who did the $20 sandwich trick at the Cosmopolitan hotel. 😉

But obviously, there are no guarantees because it depends on how busy your hotel is and whether you actually get to check in with a “real person” behind a desk.

The bottom line: If you don’t ask, you don’t get! Simples.


#3: Stay on The Strip (But be Cautious)

If you’re a Vegas first-timer, a lot of folks will recommend sticking to the strip since it’s where all the action happens.

But as you familiarize yourself with entertainment-central, a trip to Fremont Street (Downtown LV) should be on the cards at least once because, after all, it’s the roots of Sin City.

However, when you’re walking the strip (or even Freemont St.), there may be some shady characters who you’ll want to avoid.

And no, I’m not talking about the Elvis Presley impersonators or the hot chicks in kinky outfits. 😉

It’s the others you should be worried about – the guys n’ gals doing ‘Three Card Monte’ schemes and selling VIP tickets, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, not all are “scam artists” – but the general rule of thumb is “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”.

So think twice before pulling out the cash, which leads to the third DO


#4: Buy Show Tickets From a Trusted Supplier

Whatever show you’ve got your heart set on, whether it’s Cirque du Solei, Vegas! The Show or Zombie Burlesque, to name a few – there are numerous places to grab tickets.

First of all, there’s Groupon, and then you’ve got sites like smartervegas.com, tix4tonight.com, vegas.com, and travelzoo.com for some great deals.

Additionally, you can get bargain tickets from booths and hotels while you’re in LV.

But what’s the best option?

If you’re eager to see a specific show, then I’d book online before flying out to Sin City just to be on the safe side.

But if you’d rather wait until you arrive in LV, you can speak to hotel and booth staff face-to-face about the best deals and seats in the house.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to booking shows because it’s down to personal preference and budget.


#5: Take Advantage of Free Casino Drinks

Hey, why not kill two birds with one stone by gambling while sipping on “freebie” drinks from the Casinos?

In one respect, it’s gonna save you money.

But on the other hand, it could also end up costing more.

I guess it depends on your gambling and drinking habits lol.

If you stick with the cheaper slots and set yourself a budget, you can enjoy free drinks without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Although, the only downside is the alcoholic refreshments service will be slow since you’re not classed as one of the “big spenders”.

 But the wait is certainly worth the reward, especially if you tip the waitress and play your cards right.


5 Things “Not” To Do!

In order to protect your best interests and also avoid landing in hot water with any establishments, and especially the Cops – here are 5 DON’Ts


#1: Don’t Allow Taxi Drivers to Trick You

So you’ve touched down at McCarran International and collected your baggage. What’s next on the agenda?

Jump in a taxi to your hotel just like most tourists would, right?

But unfortunately, a number of cabbies will purposely take you on a detour (the longest route possible) via the freeway so they can “cash in”, especially from first-time Vegas visitors who are none the wiser.

So to avoid being “taken for a ride”, tell your taxi driver to head straight to the strip/your hotel via the quickest route and not the freeway.


#2: Don’t Practice The Habit of Jaywalking

Yeah, we get it, you’re in an exciting hurry to get to the other side of the street to visit the choctastic M&M World or the mesmerizing Bellagio fountain display…

Or you’re just stupid drunk and your buddies have challenged you to a dare…

But as tempting as it might be (especially for us Brits lol), don’t run across the road like a headless chicken because if you get caught, you will feel the wrath of the law – that’s if you haven’t been mowed down by a car or something bigger first!

Jaywalking is prohibited in Sin City since the roads are highly-dangerous, so you will get fined anywhere up to nearly $700 if you attempt to cross the street outside of a marked crosswalk.

A slapped wrist will be the least of your worries. It’s the dent in your fun-budget you should be concerned about.

So play it safe and stick to the overpasses like all the other good law-abiding boys n’ gals.


#3: Don’t Flag Down Taxis

While it’s perfectly normal to flag down taxi rides in busy worldwide cities like London and New York – just don’t do it on the strip because it’s against the ‘Nevada Taxi Cab Authority’s’ regulations and the law.

Again, it’s for safety reasons because the roads are dangerously busy.

If you want a taxi, get to the nearest hotel entrance or an established pick-up point for a ride to your next fun-filled destination.


#4: Don’t Get Married, Ever! (LOL)

When you’re drunk as a skunk and/or even high as a kite – don’t get married to some random dude or dudette you only just met 5 minutes ago in a bar/club.

Not only will you regret it the morning after but divorces aren’t exactly cheap these days either.

If you’ve ever watched “What Happens in Vegas” or even the “Hangover” movie, then you’ll catch my drift.

Hey, learn from “Stu’s” mistake!


#5: Don’t Gamble Without The Knowledge

As tempting as it is to try your luck as an absolute beginner on the Casino floors, don’t throw stacks of cash into games like Blackjack, Craps, and Poker, etc.

When you hit the tables like a bull in a china shop (without the know-how), you’re gonna lose $100s or possibly $1,000s if you’re super-unlucky.

Gambling’s highly addictive and you can burn through money quite easily, especially when you’re on a losing streak because you wanna win all that money back, right?

So before hitting the tables and acting the part of the “high-roller” as a novice, use YouTube, for example, to do your research and learn the ropes of the popular games.

In fact, get some gaming practice-time in before boarding that plane to win a load of dosh in Sin City!


Let’s Wrap it up…

Unfortunately, not everything goes in LV because there are certain pitfalls to avoid, and obviously, you’ll need to stay on the right side of the law too.

But with that said, you can still have FUN, and heaps of it!

I’ve only just scratched the surface with the DOs and DONT’s in this article but they’re enough to start with for having a blast in the City of Sin without getting burned.

And Remember: “What Happens in Vegas…” Well, you know the rest!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

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